Frankfurt: My First Real Lesson In Whiskey & Spirits

Frankfurt I always get phone calls and emails from visitors to the website and people I do business with through my competitions as well as my tasting company All Spirits Events on what should I do or visit when I go to a new place.  Lately I have been getting a big spike of information requests about Frankfurt.  As Frankfurt continues to grow as a aviation and banking hub there are more travelers going to Frankfurt.  So let me share my special place in Frankfurt that I love to visit.

Many years ago when I was in the music business I used to go every year to Frankfurt for a international music equipment trade show around March/April.  The first time I went I piggybacked my friends in the industry travel itinerary and we all ended up staying in the funky old section of the city called Sachsenhausen.

So one Friday night a bunch of us Americans are walking the area in search of a mix of fun, food and more fun.  We come across a small whiskey store called Whisky Spirits that was holding a whiskey tasting that we all decided to attend after dinner.   Well imagine the difference when on a slow Friday night where the shop normally gets around 10 locals for a sit down tasting becomes a 25 person tasting with 15 Americans and the owner doing the tasting in German and English.

That night was my first real educational lesson about whiskey and quality spirits.  For that reason I will always be grateful to the owner Gregor and his staff.  I have become close to them as I would always visit the store multiple times during my visits to Frankfurt and even start bringing Bourbons from America for them to taste.

So when you are ever in Frankfurt go visit Whisky Spirits and ask for Gregor.

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