Brooklyn Brewery


 Brooklyn Brewery: I must confess that I have a special connection with Brooklyn Brewery.  It was my first craft brew that I followed and pursued.  I even named my dog after the brew master Garrett Oliver. That is a long story part of family lore.

Brooklyn Brown Ale

One of my favorites beers and I immediately gravitate to it when I see it on draft.  A nice combination of the traditional Northern & Southern England version of Brown Ales.  It is a combination of 6 malts along with a wonderful hop aroma that makes it a award winning ale.

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Utilizing the same brewing style of adding extra hops to the traditional Pale Ale...The beer is a wonderful ale that is dry hopped giving it a wonderful aroma of citrus fruits with a fine balance of bitterness.  A great balanced beer.

Brooklyn Lager

This beer is the anchor of the Brooklyn Brewery Line.  Even before they opened their brewery in Brooklyn and were making their beer up in Utica New York....This beer was their flagship to say craft beer has arrived in New York.  Now there were other similar breweries that opened up before or around this time....though this was the first real commercial success for a craft brewery.

Today the beer is still as great as when I first tasted it.  It is smooth, full of flavor, utilizing dry hops and just a great versatile beer.  I bring this beer a lot to friends houses who are not beer fans for it is so versatile for most drinkers.

Brooklyn Pennant Ale

Nothing means "Brooklyn" to most people besides the Brooklyn Bridge as the Brooklyn Dodgers who won the World Series in 1955.  To recognize their impact even after they left for Los Angeles along with the land that was once held a mighty stadium is now a public housing project...a great beer was formed.  Brewed in the style of English Pale Ale which is paler than traditional East India Pale you will find a more rounded beer with a toasty flavor.

Brooklyn Pilsner

This beer epitomizes the Pre Prohibition styles beers that were so much a part of the life of the everyday person living in New York with all of the German style breweries that existed.  The two malts used create a crisp bitterness with a floral aroma that makes it the most popular style beer in the world.  Garrett Oliver definitely leaves his imprint on this beer.

Brooklyn Weisse

I have always been partial to Weisse beers especially in hot weather.   Though we are fortunate enough that Brooklyn Brewery brews their special Bavarian yeast version all year round.  As with most Weisse beers you will pick up the melon, banana and cloves along with a dusty look since the beer is unfiltered which adds to the character of the beer.

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