A Bourbon Weekend in Louisville

Where to stay, dine, explore and drink over 3 days in the heart of American whiskey country
Sttizel-Weller Visitor's Center
Sttizel-Weller Visitor’s Center

All photos by Maggie Kimberl

Historically, Louisville has always been the business center of bourbon. Long before Prohibition became the law of the land folks like Julian Van Winkle, William LaRue Weller, and Arthur Philips Stitzel conducted their business and went about their daily lives in the River City. After Prohibition much of the business of bourbon was still conducted here, but the major operations were moved out of the city center.

Today there are distilleries setting up shop in Louisville once again. Some are new, some are small satellite operations designed especially for visitors, and some are old distilleries that have been reopened. Add this to the Urban Bourbon Trail and all the various bourbon-supporting businesses and you can spend an entire weekend in Louisville and still not see all the bourbon sights there are to see.

If you’ve never been to Kentucky or if you’ve never spent an entire weekend touring Louisville, September is Bourbon Heritage Month and there will be more than ever going on to celebrate. Even if you can’t make it in September, there’s always plenty to do in Louisville year round. Here’s a weekend itinerary to get you started.

Evan Williams Experience
Evan Williams Experience


Cave Hill Cemetery
Wiliam LaRue Weller’s grave at Cave Hill Cemetery


Copper & Kings distillery
Copper & Kings distillery


You could spend a three day weekend in Louisville and still not even scratch the surface of bourbon culture. Soon Michter’s Fort Nelson visitor’s center will be opening, followed by Old Forester on Main Street and Rabbit Hole in NuLu. There will be no shortage of bourbon tourism options in Louisville for the foreseeable future.

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