Forget the Myth and Just Add Watermelon

photo by Jane Dowling
photo by Jane Dowling

The best time of the year has arrived! With summer now in full swing, we are all outside all the time, bearing the heat and humidity, but more than anything taking extra time to relax and if we are lucky- vacation. Looking to cool off and be refreshed with a nice cold beverage? Then your new fruity friend is watermelon. 92% of watermelon is well, water. So it’s no surprise this fruit is the most hydrating, refreshing, and yummy fruit to add into your favorite cocktails.

Have you ever heard the rumor that claims watermelon and alcohol don’t mix? Think twice. We first stirred up this cocktail conversation regarding alcohol myths originally in our article, Exploring 6 Popular Drinking Myths. “There’s no lethal chemical reaction with watermelon and alcohol.  Mixing watermelon with some types of alcohol results in summertime bliss,”  says spirits industry expert LeNell Camacho Santa Ana. Other articles about alcohol myths article state that some people believe in the ridiculous myth that claims mixing alcohol and watermelon together can cause death.  After research and personal experience the author of one of them explained, “I have had watermelon as a major ingredient in a drink. And... surprise, surprise! I am alive! Most people say, combining wine and watermelon causes a chemical reaction which can have very bad effects. But this is considered a myth. Watermelon, when combined with a drink, makes one of the best summer-time drinks. There is no harm in having a melon after your drink too. So, as long as you drink in moderation, it is not going to harm your body”

Therefore, disregard the rumors that claim watermelon and alcohol don’t mix, and instead just add the deliciously refreshing fruit to your next cocktail to sip on sweet summertime. Fire up the blender and mix these delicious watermelon drinks with your favorite cookout foods this summer season, sit back, and enjoy!

Watermelon Mint Margarita

Prepare first:

photo by Anna Verdina
photo by Anna Verdina
  • Blend a handful of seeded watermelon chunks in a blender
  • Add freshly squeezed lime juice (depending on the size of the limes, use 1/2 to a whole lime) 
  • Add agave to sweeten the mixture, about 3 - 4  barspoons 
  • Set aside additional watermelon pieces and freeze them 

Once frozen, put the watermelon chunks in your glass to use as watermelon ice cubes.

In a cocktail shaker add and shake with ice until chilled:

Strain into glass with watermelon ice. Top with sparkling water and add fresh mint to garnish. 

Watermelon Batida

From the book 500 Cocktails by Wendy Sweetser

  • watermelon wedge 
  • 2 fl. Oz. (59 mL) cachaça, such as 2017 NYISC gold medal winner Paratiana Prata (alternately, you can use vodka or white rum) 
  • crushed ice
  • mineral water (preferably sparkling)

Deseed your watermelon wedge, then put pieces in a blender and blend. Next add the ice and cachaça and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a tall glass and add sparkling water. 

photo by Paul Bosch
photo by Paul Bosch

Watermelon Frappe

by Wendy Sweetser

  • ¼ ripe watermelon, deseeded and chopped
  • 1 tbsp. crushed ice
  • 2 tbsp. freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Juice from ½ a lime
  • 4 ½ fl. Oz. (133 mL) sparkling wine of your choice
  • Fresh flowers to decorate on top (optional)

Put the watermelon pieces, crushed ice, orange juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice in a blender, blend until the mixture is smooth. Strain into a champagne flute, and then top with sparkling wine. Stir and serve right away. Garnish with flower if using.