Field Trip: a Visit To Copenhagen Distillery

photo by Kiwi Callahan
photo by Kiwi Callahan

Europe has a rich history of producing wine, beer and spirits that dates back thousands of years. Nestled in one of its most historic and socially-conscious cities is Copenhagen Distillery, located in a small 18th century building that has been renovated for production of liqueurs (including Mexican Coffee liqueur using beans from a single estate in Mexico), gins, acquavit and single malt whisky.

Our correspondent Kiwi Callahan chats with Henrik Brinks, who has set out to create an atmosphere and products that are distinctly Scandinavian - from the aesthetic of the setting at the facility to the ingredients and flavors to packaging. He also describes the concept of Copenhagen Distillery's single botanical Dry Gin - the world's first honey-based gin.

Watch as we visit this unique craft operation and also get a small tour of this charming city in Denmark, including a look inside Restaurant Palaegade and Fiskebar cocktail bar.