Your Mom Deserves a Drink - a REAL Drink

Ctsy La Quintinye
Ctsy La Quintinye

Giving birth is said to be one of the most exhausting, painful ordeals anyone goes through in a lifetime. It takes stamina, strength and dedication on a level most men never physically experience for themselves. Bringing you into this world probably wasn’t even the hardest (or messiest) thing she ever did for you. There is a reason people say something or someone is a “real mother of a____.” Your mom is probably one of the toughest people you know. She deserves a real drink on Mother’s Day!

So why are drinks for mothers alway supposed to be softer, less alcoholic, sweeter... and so dang pink?

Here are three cocktails you can make to drink with your mom this weekend. Or if you can’t be with her, at least make sure there is a suitable envoy to make these for her. Unlike you, they’re fairly simple to prepare. However, the ingredients themselves are what make them special and display some effort. And they’re more robust than your average “mommy” drink.

All three drinks feature La Quintinye, a vermouth newly imported from France. It’s named for a 17th century botanist who bestowed his vast knowledge of fanciful flavors and extracts with the kitchen of Versailles for the court of King Louis XIV (known as the “Sun King” but to his mother, Anne of Austria, you bet he was the “Son King”). These vermouths feature an elegant blend of botanicals infused in white or red wines from the Cognac region, made boozy with white or red Pineau des Charentes, a sophisticated regional apéritif. This ingredient also imparts the only element of sweetness to the blend, making them low in sugar, but high in flavor, so they’re also refreshing to drink neat on the rocks or with a light spritz.

(If you can’t find them, other fine vermouths such as Dolin, Cocchi or Noilly Prat will just have to do in these recipes…)

Because I Said So, That’s Why

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice until well chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Rub twist skin side down around rim of glass and express oils into drink before discarding.

Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around

It's Chilly, Bring a Jacket - photo by Amanda Schuster
It's Chilly, Bring a Jacket - photo by Amanda Schuster

Shake all ingredients with ice until well chilled. Strain into Old Fashioned glass with fresh ice. Neatly perch wheel on rim of glass.

It’s Chilly, Bring a Jacket

  • 1 oz/30 ml La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc
  • 1.5 oz/44 ml Gin
  • 2 bar spoons Tonic elixir (such as Tomr’s or Wilks & Wilson)*
  • 2 dashes Scrappy’s Lavender bitters or Peychaud’s
  • *Sparkling water or tonic if you couldn’t get tonic elixir
  • Garnish: thyme sprig, which looks pretty and imparts a lovely aroma to the drink with each sip (she’ll notice!)

To an Old Fashioned glass, add all the ingredients except the fizz. Stir with ice. Add fizz. Garnish.

Cheers to all the moms out there for all they do! Happy Mother’s Day!