Cocktail Profile: Blaze-A-Trail

blaze a trail
blaze a trail

All photos by Aliza Kellerman.  I’m always skeptical when it comes to “deconstructed” dishes. There’s something oddly mathematical about the word I’m not sure I want associated with my food and drink. Luckily, The Richardson’s spin on a deconstructed Old Fashioned blew my hesitations out of the bourbon.

TasteMakers, a gourmet festival asking bars and restaurants to create dishes that interpret themes of excitement in New York, asked The Richardson’s Head Bartender Steven Spate to create a drink representing innovation. The broad request allowed Spate to get creative, and he decided to tinker with the oft-ordered and always iconic Old Fashioned.

Introducing the Blaze-A-Trail. Instead of muddled sugar cubes, demarara syrup mingles with Angostura Bitters, Elisir Novasalus, and The Richardson’s own 110-Proof Single Barrel Straight Bourbon from Wild Turkey. Elisir Novasalus, a deliciously bitter amaro from Capelletti, packs a great pungent, herbal element to the drink. It’s only used in a small quantity, but that doesn’t stop the aperitif from having impact.

Steven Spate Blazes a Trail
Steven Spate Blazes a Trail

The ingredients are stirred with ice and strained into…a champagne flute! I loved this sweet tweak on the typical presentation. It gave the drink a festive vibe. Don’t be fooled, though—this is still one hell of a cocktail. Sip at your own risk.

TasteMakers will be running until March 15th, but you should visit The Richardson regardless. Lots of bars claim to place an equal value on wine, beer, and cocktails, but The Richardson fulfills its word. If you want quality without frou-frou frills, then this is the place for you.

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