Episode Recap: Bar Rescue Season 4, Episode 7

courtesy Spike TV
courtesy Spike TV

Welcome to Alcohol Professor’s weekly recap of Bar Rescue, Spike TV’s reality show that gives desperate liquor purveyors a chance to turn themselves into beyond visitable venues. Hosted by nightlife guru Jon Taffer, this week’s episode, entitled “A Dash of Bitters" features a bar that suffers from broken hearts instead of soothing them.

This week in Bar Rescue: guilt tripping divorcees.

Plush is a bar in Glenside, PA that enjoyed a fair bit of success due to being located directly across from the popular Keswick Theater. However, breakups suck and they suck more if you own a bar together. When former manager Shari and owner Bruno call it quits, Shari and her affable attitude take off, snagging Plush's customers with them.

Taffer really presses Bruno with the whole “you're not paying your ex the 65K you owe her and it's really going to mess up your child.” Also, bartender Peanut –wait, sorry, I just realized how funny it is to be a bartender named Peanut. Was wasabi pea taken? Ba dum dum. Anyway, Peanut has a nasty attitude.

Cue in mixtress Mia Mastroianni and chef Nick Liberato. Why these two (besides obviously being great at what they do)? Well, they're both from Calabria, Bruno's ancestral home. Calabria is known for Calabrian peppers, amongst other things.

Bearing in mind that the bar needs to take on an “after-show” feel, Mia mixes up dessert based cocktails. Also, bartender Chris gets in the kitchen and makes some kickass arancini. I've never heard Jon Taffer compliment a staff member so much. I got shivers.

Plush is reopened as Italiano Italian Place. I mean, Osteria Calabria. I actually said, “aw,” when the reveal happened. The Mediterranean seaside on the wall and the red/green/white liquor bottle arrangement were both pretty adorable, made only cuter by the surprise entrance of Bruno and Shari's kid daughter, Claudia. There was a lot of hugging, okay? I like hugging.

I was really looking forward to the concept of an Italian Bar, but Osteria Calabria seemed, well, more like a restaurant. Not that there aren't bar-restaurants. "Osteria" kind of translates to a tavern, anyway. I guess I was just looking forward to a bit more booze focus. Still, the sweet sips and the kitschy setting should have guests coming back.

Visit Osteria Calabria:

256 Keswick Ave. Glenside, PA