The Frozen: a Not-So-Guilty Pleasure In Rockaway Beach

2 frozens
2 frozens

All photos by Aliza Kellerman. Was anyone else following the Phrostie scandal? In a nutshell: a super sweet booze popsicle was available via Instagram delivery. Tales of the moonshine icee arose, and before you can say “alcohol,  caffeine, taurine,” Senator Chuck Schumer and the State Liquor Authority bound together to dismantle the phrosted fare.

The truth is, frozen cocktails are far from a newly invented summertime treat. The problem? If you're like me, you want an alcoholic beverage that happens to be frozen, not vice versa, and a lot of frosty margaritas and whatnot are kind of like toddlers at the beach: they seem boozed up, but they're actually just too infused with sugar.

Fortunately, thanks to a tip-off from Derek Brown at The Underdog , I've found a solution.

Rockaway Beach isn't what it used to be. Among the residents and ordinary beach snacks you can find things like tofu-based dishes at Rockaway Taco. And I'm not saying these 21stcentury beach snacks are a bad thing (far from it, the nachos at Bolivian Llama Party are great), but there's also a certain beauty to a Queens-bound classic.

connolly's sign
connolly's sign

Enter The Frozen.

Connolly's Bar, a quintessential pub, serves up these beauties when summer hits. Connolly's is a favorite local hangout with outdoor seating and a dimly lit, crisply air-conditioned interior. If you walk too quickly, you might mistake this summer season-only dive for someone throwing a summer get together. On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to find the place was sparsely populated, with a few beach goers parked outside enjoying Frozens from styrofoam cups. However, when I checked in via Swarm, I was apparently with four other Swarmers, making me think Connolly's is getting hip a whole lot quicker than I anticipated.

I parked myself at the bar and announced, “I was told to try the Frozens!”

The bartender, who had one of those nice-gruff voices, asked, “which one?”

I have choices?

When faced with the choice of Pina Colada or Vodka Pink Lemonade, I just couldn't choose. And I'm a greedy gal. So I ordered both.

“That solves the problem,” commended the bartender.


Good decisions on my part! While both Frozens were tasty, the PC, which calls for Fleischmann's as the primary rum, was outstanding. Sweet, but not saccharine, like a not-too-granulated coconut cream pie as opposed to the desserts served in diners. A spiked coconut cake, that is. Unlike some of the other frozen imposters out there, there was actual booze in this guy. It had that kind of taste that makes you get thirstier as you drink, if that makes sense, and I could feel my mouth watering more as I continued. Suddenly, I had the urge to walk, cups in hand. I find that something about beach towns makes everyone nostalgic, even if you didn't grow up seaside. Wandering with my Frozen around Rockaway, sometimes by the beach, sometimes by the sidewalk lemonade stands, felt like the picture of mildly illicit American fun. And who doesn't like to participate in that?

So the next time you're at Rockaway, skip the pricey beachside Coronas and nab yourself a no-frills Frozen at Connolly's. Make sure, as I did, to pose it like a garden gnome in as many pictures you can.

Find Connolly’s Bar at:

155 Cross Bay Pkwy

Rockaway Beach, NY 11693