Gird Your Beer Mugs - It's Time for the Craft Experience!


Stop drinking right now to save room for The Craft Experience! On Wednesday, November 13 from 7 to 10 pm, Great Brewers will be hosting an event at Center 548 in New York City unlike any other booze event before it. Hundreds of beers, spirits and wines will be available for consumption 2 ounces at a time.

This isn’t just about the beer; it isn't just about the spirits; it isn’t just about learning from producers. It’s about all of that under one roof.  It’s the whole craft experience!

What was previously a private “insiders-only” event is now a mammoth undertaking open to all. Attendees will be able to sample products from more than 125 breweries and 30 distilleries! Add to that some of the best draft wines coming to the market, plus local foods and you might as well invite your friends and call it a night out.

When you get there, grab a list of the vendors and make sure to hit the tables you want to remember (before you start to forget).  Some of the top international breweries like De Dolle Brouwers and Brasserie de Rulles will be on hand. And of course there will be the luminaries from American craft breweries like Rogue and The Bruery.

So you don’t get too far along, there will be food there too to balance out the night for you. When you stop for a little nosh, strike up a conversation with the people that are actually behind making the good stuff you’re drinking.  Many of the craft brewers themselves will be there!

You'll have the chance to chat with the founders of some of the best known American breweries like Rob Tod of Allagash, Peter Zien of Alesmith and Bill Covaleski of Victory.  The men behind Bronx Brewery (NY International Beer Competition 2013 Brewery of the Year) and its ubiquitous Chase commercial, Christopher Gallant and Damian Brown, will be there.  And be sure to say “Hi Neighbor” to Mark Hellendrung, the head of Narragansett Brewing, one of America’s most fun regional breweries.

Taste of Great Brewers
Taste of Great Brewers

The producers are not there just representing the beer.  You can get into the bottle with some of the craft scene’s leading spirit makers like Avery and Janet Glasser from Bittermens, and the founder of Catoctin Creek, Scott Harris.

For a few dollars more, a VIP ticket will get you an extra hour of sampling plus a large format bottle of the Chimay 125th Anniversary beer, along with a souvenir tasting glass. But more valuable than all of those bonuses is early admission and unfettered access to your favorite pours.

Get your tickets here:  The Craft Experience tickets.

For updates and chances to win free tickets, check out The Craft Experience on Twitter.