Ward III

ward 3
ward 3

Michael Neff, Abdul Tabini and Kenneth McCoy sure know how to run a joint. Yes, Ward III is cocktail spot, but it's also a comfortable neighborhood bar. They have whatever you need - a great selection of whiskies and other spirits, wine, beer and comforting bites (including one of the best mac n cheeses in the city.) If you want a cocktail, but aren't sure what to get, they'll even make that for you too, if you give them a hint. Almost every Monday, they rotate a selection of whiskies to sample, for no cost, with a short talk from a brand ambassador, distiller or resident authority, for a series simply titled Whisk(e)y Monday, from 8 - 10pm. It's the perfect place to be to see friends, read a book, have a party, or just visit to find something you didn't even know you were looking for till you couldn't live without it. Ward III

111 Reade St.

New York, NY 10013

212- 240-9194