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Breweries Turn Toilet Water Into Beer—And it Sells!

Boise goes green with their new sustainability initiative, and drinkers are loving beer and cider made from reclaimed water at breweries around town.

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Beer Review: New Belgium Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale

Newly released Belgium Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale is aged in Knob Creek barrels and can satisfy both beer and bourbon fans.

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Beer Review: Burial Beer Resurrection of Riches

Reviewing Asheville, N.C.’s Burial Beer Co.’s latest brew Resurrection of Riches.

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Beer Review: Anchor Brewing California Lager

A review of Anchor Brewing California Lager, golden- to copper-colored brew with a clean, bready aroma and a fizzy, white head.

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Appreciating Beer At the Founders Brewing Taproom

Fall in love with delicious brews like Kentucky Bourbon Stout or the more recently-concocted Solid Gold at Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids.

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The Ruin Bars of Budapest Are Ready For Prime Time