Quirky Bars Around the World

Seven weird and creative places to bend an elbow 

Dive Bar Sacramento

Dive Bar Sacramento

Themed décor makes a drinking den even more fun. There are some fabulously weird bars around the world that go all out to capture the essence of a theme and deliver it in amazing detail. Drinking in these bars takes the night out experience to a whole new level - from the mundane to the bizarre, crazy, weird, and downright incredible. Here's a sampling of some bars around the world that might just inspire a few plane tickets!   

Dive Bar Sacramento - Sacramento, California, USA

You may call your local watering hole a "dive", but it isn’t quite like this kind of dive bar. Built around a large aquarium complete with swimming mermaids (ok, pretty ladies in costume) it is a sight to behold. Check the website for events. There’s always something fishy going on.

Vampire Café - Ginza, Tokyo

This fabulous place is a celebration of all things gothic horror. Each room is named after a bloodcurdling theme - “Coffin”, “Victim”, “Altar” and “Cross”. Just watch out for the guy next to you if you can’t see his reflection in the mirror. Best order a stake off the menu.

Vampire Café

Vampire Café

The Drunken Mare Mobile Bar - Cotswolds, UK

Sometimes you want the bar to come to you, and The Drunken Mare makes that happen. If you're in the UK and want to impress your guests at a barbecue, wedding, or any other celebration, hire the converted horse box that can be customised for your special occasion. Drunk as a skunk? No! Drunk as a mare!

IceBarcelona – Spain

In the city that is home to Gaudi and Las Ramblas, you probably don’t expect to find one of Europe’s coolest bars made of ice. Even more fascinating is that IceBarcelona is actually right next to the beach. Go from basking Mediterranean sunshine to Arctic ice floes in mere seconds. As good as hot chocolate sauce on cold ice cream. Check website for booking details.

Double Decker Bar -  UK

The red Routemaster double decker bus is an iconic symbol of London and thanks to various UK entrepreneurs you can have one pull up at your wedding, special occasion or corporate event, all decked out (yes, pun intended) ready to serve your guests their favourite tipple. Just the ticket! All you have to do is search on double decker bus bar for various options.

HR Giger Bar

HR Giger Bar

Easey’s – Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia

It’s not so unusual to see railway carriages converted into restaurants, but in Melbourne they have turned that idea on its head to take three carriages and plant them on top of a five-story building with great views of the city. Pop in for a drink and feel free to order a burger. You don’t need a ticket to ride.

Museum HR Giger Bar- Gruyères, Switzerland

No bones about it, this is definitely one of the most bizarre bars in the world. Not for the squeamish, the décor of the Museum HR Giger Bar is made completely from skeletons, including the furniture. You’ll never know whose lap you might be sitting on.