VIDEO: Exploring Côtes de Bordeaux Wine

Why this under the radar French wine region deserves its time in the spotlight


Adjacent to the prestigious Bordeaux wine region of France is the Côtes de Bordeaux, which deserves far more recognition for producing quality wine than it tends to get. Recently, videographer Kiwi Callahan had the opportunity to attend a tasting of these wines and chat with winemakers at the William Valehotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The event was hosted by Yannick Benjamin, co-founder of Wheeling Forward, a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve their individual goals in life. He also happens to be New York City sommelier, who organized the event with Patricia Zabalza, the director of the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux, the region’s grower cooperative. They brought together some of the region’s top producers to showcase their wines for buyers and beverage directors who represent the city’s best bars, hotels and restaurants, as well as media.

Among the many producers met that day, Callahan had the opportunity to film interviews with Monique Bonnet of Château Suau, Pierre F, de Ferrière of Château Carbonneau and Youmna Asseily of Château Biac,

This is just a small taste of this exciting region that is well worth further exploration. Santé!

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