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Field Trips: Dutch Genever (Jenever) Distilleries

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, these Dutch Genever (Jenever) Distilleries in and around the city are well worth a visit.

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The Evolution of the Bartender's Tool Kit
Real Red Wine Cocktails
D'USSÉ Cognac: Bringing Back Cocktail Traditions
Spies At the Savoy Part Three
Spies At the Savoy Part Two
Martini & Myth Part 2: California Cocktail Courts
Exploring the Evolution of the Gin Cocktail
Tom Collins: Enduring Spring Cocktail Popularized By a Hoax
Classic Cocktails in History: the Whiskey Sour

A history of the whiskey sour, plus recipes for the original and the contemporary whiskey sour.

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Vintage Books Tell the Story of Champagne Cocktails