Gone Sippin'!

photo by Kenn Wilson
photo by Kenn Wilson

We'll back to our regularly scheduled booze class next week. It's already been quite a year for the professors! Adam is just returning from Berlin where both the Berlin International Wine and Spirits Competitions were held, and is already gearing up for the NY International Spirits Competition next month. And Beer happened last month!

Meanwhile, I just spent the last several weeks writing a book on the scope of New York City cocktail culture! Look out for New York Cocktails published by Cider Mill Press some time this fall.

So this week I am off to Mexico with Tequila Fortaleza  with its founder, Guillermo Erickson Sauza and family to learn about the traditional tequila making process up close. There will be some boozy adventures along the way!

See you next week in class, everyone!

Hasta luego,

Amanda Schuster

Editor in Chief