Gone Sippin'!

photo by Amanda Schuster
photo by Amanda Schuster

With the holidays over, it's time to press our reset buttons and prepare ourselves for another great year ahead.

To that end, sometimes in order to move on, you have to make a full stop. Therefore, we at Alcohol Professor are taking a short winter break.

But don't fret, you thirsty people! The site will still be up (unless anything unspeakable should happen in our absence), and you can take this opportunity to catch up on articles you might have missed, or re-read some of your favorites. Everything is here. You can browse by subject heading, your favorite Visiting Professors, or just scroll through the home page.

We'll still post from time to time on our social media pages. If you haven't already, please give us a follow on Twitter @TheAlcoholProf and/or like our Facebook page, to stay the most up to date on our sipping safaris.

We'll be back next week. Have fun and drink well, friends! Feel free to let us know if you tasted anything delicious while were were out!


Amanda Schuster

Senior Editor in Chief