Thanks For Another Great Year at Alcohol Professor!

me and adam
me and adam

Hard to imagine it's been nearly two years now since Adam Levy approached me to helm this little booze-filled website! As someone who takes drink recommendations very seriously, I'm pleased as punch about the progress we've been making and the quality of content we've been able to present in that time. We're a small operation. We we work with what we've got. Our talented staff of "visiting professors" have been extremely generous in their loyalty and commitment to bringing you the articles you've been reading here, and I'm forever proud of the level of writing that graces my inbox each week from them. We're also quite delighted about how our makeover turned out! See? It is possible todrink and maintain your shape with the right tools! Our slimmer, more accessible look makes it easier than ever to check out our main features, search for content and take a look back to our most popular articles simply by scrolling down the home page.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the fine folks at's Drinkwire for providing another useful conduit for accessing our content, and for featuring and sharing our articles on a regular basis.

In addition, thanks to Mrs. Cocktail herself, Ann Tuennerman, and the staff at Tales of the Cocktail for hosting our tasting with the winners of the NY International Spirits Competition last summer, and providing another convivial, educational, fun-filled way to connect with the fine folks in our industry and romp through the Big Easy.

Of course, we wouldn't have made it through 2014 without all of you lovely thirsty people. Thank you so much for visiting, sharing and supporting us!

Hard to imagine just a few months ago a single lime could cost as much as a slice of pizza! What a crazy year in drinks it's been. Let's see what you got, 2015!


Amanda Schuster

Senior Editor in Chief