Crispin Cider

Crispin Light
Crispin Light

Over the years I have been interested in Cider but rarely does a Cider company hold my attention with most of their products.  I must admit Crispin Cider named after the Patron Saint for Cobblers holds my attention.Crispin Light Cider

I must admit I had low expectations for the first light cider in America.  I have never been a big fan of light beers.  I was honestly surprised how good it was for 110 calories.  It did not break apart immediately and was still crisp and flavorful.  They have a winner here.

Crispin Original

The reason they call it the original for it is already a classic and a cider that others aspire to replicate and bring to the market.  It has good mouth feel along with a strong fruit/apple presence in taste and the nose.

Crispin Honey Crisp

A small batch premium apple cider incorporating organic honey.  If you see it....Buy It....does not last long on the shelf.

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